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It's all happening here at the Cases! We have teamed up with Ang Perusco on harmonica (and, of course, guitar) to record our second album Corrugated blues. We will be launching it at the Folk Festival so come along and get a signed copy.

And yes you heard right, we are playing at the National Folk Festival during Easter this year!

TheGuitarCases debut album — available online at

TheGuitarCases cd

We have released our first cd! It has twelve original songs that draw inspiration from blues, folk, country and rock.

Many thanks to Ian Blake of Blue Bear studios in Latham who has been very patient with us in the production process. And thanks to Kimmo Vennonen of KV Productions who did a fantastic job mastering, and Troy Horse for replication and printing.

Samples of our songs are available via soundcloud below. Descriptions and lyrics are here. Or watch a video of one of our songs played live at The Pot Belly or this video of our new song Angel of Death from the Canberra Blues Society including a cigar box guitar.

About TheGuitarCases

Ok, like a lot of bands these days, it is hard to pin a genre on TheGuitarCases. Perhaps somewhere between blues, country, folk and rock. But if you think you'll only hear great vocals, hypnotic riffs, blues-tinged licks, solos, adept fingerpicking and strong rhythms on guitar, then we hope you're going to be surprised by our songs. Yes our compositions are often introspective exploring social, spiritual and environmental themes, but we also aim for great melodies, concise arrangements and snappy solos.

TheGuitarCases Band

As well as a duo, we also have a three piece band we also regularly play as a trio with Ang Perusco on harmonica and guitar. Check out the band page for more info.

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